Jan 10, 2012

I don't know how in the world I missed this, but it would appear that Bishop Eddie Long has returned to New Birth's pulpit. The embattled pastor marked his return on the church's Watch Night service on New Year's eve.

Here is what is being reported about his return:

On the evening of New Years Eve, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church welcomed back their senior pastor Bishop Eddie Long. One of our journalists came across his service streaming online Saturday night and let us know he has returned after nearly 3 weeks away from the pulpit.

Long was preaching with a renewed sense of energy and vigor as he addressed leaving the things of last year behind and moving forward in 2012. Though we never heard him state anything about his marriage with Vanessa Long, we appeared choked up from time to time has he preached.

On the morn of New Years Day, he preached again to a pretty full house of church members. After speaking a bit and people coming up and slapping money on the altar, one woman puts a one dollar bill down, says Bishop Long. He speaks with her and finds out she’s unemployed. He publicly summons someone with the authority to hire people at that moment to offer this women a job. After a few minutes of seeking out someone to help, a woman walks up and hugs the other in need as to say she will help.

Then Bishop Long asks the church’s permission to give all of the money on the altar to the woman for a down payment on her home. More and more members walk up and pile the altar with cash.

He had just finished declaring that his church members will be homeowners this year and no longer rent payers.

Later on, after getting back into the groove behind the pulpit, he looks into the camera and tells those church members who have left to ‘bring their tails’ back to church and get connected again with their family (New Birth).

I'm going to with hold any type of judgment I may feel right now. My mother taught me that if you don't have anything good to say then say nothing at all.


  1. Well my Mom's dead, so Daddy Long 3 weeks is not enough time for people to forget let alone forgive. That last statement you made makes it seem like the people that are hurt by what went down should just return to the fold, put their head in the sand and shut the hell up. Come on Eddie give your church members a little more credit than that, that's all I'm saying.

  2. I don't think I have commented at all about this scandal. How long he should stay away is subjective, although I am surprised that it was just 3 weeks. Him getting all aggressive and telling folks to "bring their tails" back to church lets me know that he is oblivious to how this has affected people. At the very least, he is misguided about to appeal to people because it is quite insulting. Even if there were no scandal and people left for other reasons, that is not how you address them.