Jan 11, 2012


Last night was the premiere episode of the fifth season of the wildly popular series 'The Game' on BET. So the question is, Did You Watch?I most certainly did because there was a little part of me that was hoping that the show I fell in love with would somehow magically reappear and the disaster that was season four would be a thing of the past. Well, let's just say I'm so happy I watched and gave the show another chance.I'll try to tell you my favorite parts without spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet. The first thing I was happy to see was the comedic timing of the show return. Jason Pitts held it down with the comedy. The experiment of trying to make the show into a dramedy was a failure in my opinion. It was nice to have the comedic timing back. Although, I have to admit that I did miss seeing Kelly Pitts.I was also happy to see Tee-Tee back interacting with Tasha and Malik. Anyone who was a fan of the show from the beginning knows that some of the best magic on the show happens when these three are together. I also enjoyed the dynamics of watching Tasha Mack struggle with the decision of putting family first or putting herself first. I think hat was one of those things that most women can relate to.But my favorite part of the show was the fact that my best friend and I were texting and calling each other back and forth trying to figure out who was the father of Melanie's baby and how Derwin found out about Dr. McHottie. This was something we use to do when The Game first started on the CW, but it went completely out the window when the show went to BET. It's nice to have it back because we are two very busy women living in two different states but yet we find the time to talk to each other because of one of our favorite shows has almost completely return to form.They still didn't give us the answer to how Derwin found out about McHottie but I'm definitely going to enjoy the ride and the addition of my girl Brandy.So what did you think of the premiere episode of The Game?
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  1. I watched a little bit of it. Fell asleep. Have they just written off Kelly's character? She was a major player. I think she should continue on the show. I am not all that encouraged from what I saw. Looks like the will have Melanie drive Derwin away. Malik and Tasha...idk. I am curious what they will handle Britney's biracial identity issues.

    It is not must see tv for me. I will catch it when I can. My FB friends are not too thrilled about the season premiere.

  2. I loved it! I think that they really listened to the viewers and are trying to give us some of the changes we asked for after last season.

  3. I forgot, so I'll catch it on Sunday, but they sho' tore it limb from limb on Facebok. The fans were not happy.