Jan 19, 2012

In order to change the way African American women are portrayed in the media we have to tell our own stories. No one exemplifies this effort more than rising filmmaker, Rachel I. Johnson.

BROOKLYN, NY – (January 10, 2012) White Sugar in a Black Pot an NYU thesis short film directed by Brooklyn native Rachel I. Johnson recently won a CINE Golden Eagle Award and will premiere at the 10th Annual San Diego Black Film Festival January 26 – 29th 2012. The film kicks off with the innocent hustle and bustle of the Mackey family and unravels to reveal a true to life family and a mother who faces a dilemma.

Lolita Brinkley is Denise Mackey, a dedicated and loving mother who is the first one up in the morning and the last to go to bed at night. When she and her husband Darnell (Robert G. McKay) learn of an opportunity to move from their apartment to a new house, Denise is ready to go. Conflict arises from their inability to effectively communicate, closeted feelings, and fear of emasculation. Their son Junior (J. Mallory-McCree) and daughter Deandra (Cathy Craig) soon grow uncertain of their family’s future.

Within the film, Johnson explores the family unit and female subjectivity. She also touches upon issues of gentrification, a heated topic in many Brooklyn neighborhoods. “I set the film in a world where gender and socioeconomic status are pronounced influences and allowed the characters to tell an unforgettable story of their own,” said Johnson.

Lolita Brinkley cites the film’s subject matter as her inspiration to join the cast. “I am interested in telling the stories of strong black women -- the stories we rarely get to see. This story of the Mackey family deals with so many real issues that black folk face everyday, particularly men and women trying to make relationships work.”

To view the trailer and learn more about the film visit www.whitesugarblackpotfilm.com

WHITE SUGAR IN A BLACK POT Trailer from Rachel J on Vimeo.


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