Jan 20, 2012

You better sang, Mr. President!!!!

Why didn't anybody tell me President Obama has pipes like that?

The President was in New York City for a fundraiser and during that time he made a stop at the world famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem to greet supporters.

After being informed that Al Green was in the audience, he decided to sang a couple very impressive bars of 'Let's Stay Together'.

Now, name me one person on the GOP side that can do that. I dare you...LOL!


  1. Name any politician that can or would do that. Absolutely love it. Even his facial expressions. Something tells me the First Lady has been seranaded a few tmes.

  2. He's a natural born multi-talented, gifted, genius who if we all work together to ensure that he has another chance in the White House, he'll turn this mess around.