Feb 16, 2012

Remember when I first reported the story about the shocking 'Fatherly Advice' rapper Too Short gave to young boys about young girls? Remember I said it would be really nice if some of the men would jump on this cause and take the rapper to task? Well, it looks like we've found a man willing to grab the proverbially baton and run with it. That man is activist Kevin Powell; who, after a past history of violence towards women, has made it his life's mission to bring attention to and stop this sick pathology that has taken root in our society.

Kevin sat down for an interview with HLN's Richelle Carey to discuss the offensive remarks made by Too Short. He invokes the name of the late, great C. Delores Tucker and how all the things she spoke about in the 90's are proving to be true. He also called for the firing of XXL's editor-in-chirf, Vanessa Satten.


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