Feb 3, 2012


Sometimes you don't need words especially when an editorial cartoon will suffice. Mike Luckovich at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is one of the best at doing this. His take on the whole Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen controversy is perfectly summed up through his art.


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  1. I wanted to write a blog post in this. Personally, even with the reversal and their decision that they will continue to fund planned parenthood, I will still never donate another dime to Komen. This little scandal really brought a spotlight to their financials and I am disappointed to say the least. In 2007, when I regularly became a financial supporter of Komen, 80 cents of every dollar donated actually went to research. I did not know that as of last year only 20 cents of every donated dollar now goes to funding research. What are they doing with the extra 60 cents?? Well first of all, their President now earns almost 500,000.00 a year while I stand outside in the hot sun and volunteer at the 3 day races. Now she is a full time employee and she deserves to be paid but 500k dollars a year?? Sorry Susan G. Komen but you just lost one sucker and you can kiss my 5 figure yearly donation goodbye... I'll be finding a charity that is actually helping women and not just coming up with a cute catch phrase, playing politics, and making its members rich.