Feb 1, 2012

Just label me speechless right now. When I tell you there is some stuff you just can't make up. I don't care how creative of a fiction writer one may be you just can't make this stuff up.

Bishop Eddie Long has gone from being a virtual pariah to now being crowned a 'King'. This turnaround have left a lot people baffled for the simple fact that Long was embroiled in a sex scandal that nearly brought his church and his marriage to its knees.

During church service this past weekend at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Long was proclaimed as royalty by Ralph Messer, a visting preacher. “He’s a king. God’s blessed him. He’s a humble man. But in him is kingship. In him is royalty,” Messer said over Long, to applause from New Life congregants. “In him was a land of Israel. In him was a k chromosome...he was brought through the slaves, raised up in a city and God now wants to release a new anointing.”

Long was then wrapped in scrolls, raised aloft by four men, and paraded about the stage to raucous applause.

I promise you I'm trying my best not to judge, but what happen to church being about the message and not the messenger. It's like they are trying so hard to uplift Bishop Long, that people are forgetting to uplift God. Now I can be mistaken, but shouldn't he at least repented or something like that before you try to put a crown on his head. Like I said, I not trying to judge because I know we've all come up short to the glory, but not all of us are proclaiming to be shepherds of the flock either. That's all I'm saying....


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