Feb 3, 2012

Maybe I am in the minority on this one, but I adore Willow Smith's newly shaved head. I love the fact that as a young girl she is not all wrapped up in conventional beauty and wanting hair down to her behind. She is a little rebel and I find that refreshing regardless of the age.

Many people criticize Will and Jada about their marriage and the way they raise their children, but I really don't care about that. None of us live in the Smith's home (although I would love to at least spend the night in that house in Calabasas) so who are we to be passing judgment?

Young girls have a hard enough time dealing with everyday issues. It's a pretty wonderful thing that the Smiths are not allowing hair to be one of the hang ups their daughter has to deal. Besides, it's only hair and it will, at least for most people, grow back.

And as a good drag queen friend told me, "Honey, when you have Face, the hair becomes secondary." Trust me, if you have drag queen friends you can interpret exactly what's being said.


  1. I think it is great that she can embrace her individuality and not fall prey to the myths of what is beautiful. At the same time, my concern for any child/teenager is there overall development. I do not know her and her parents know her best. So I will trust that they are doing what is in her best interest. I just want to point out that the spotlight is still the spotlight, even when being recognized for great things. It can have a damaging effect. I'm not talking about egos or arrogance either. I'm talking about other people's expectations and being shaped by them even un/sub-consciously. It's great that she seems to have some strong values but I do not think that she should be the face or spokesperson for any specific value. I think that is too much responsibility for a child.

  2. I think she must be a little girl first before a big woman. Children nowadays are growing up way too fast.