Feb 3, 2012

The internet is all ablaze over a recent interview that actor Brian White gave to the site Hello Beautiful addressing topics such as reality TV shows, Tyler Perry vs. Spike Lee, as well as some other stuff. But it was his take on black women that has everyone talking. Many are accusing Brian of being a hater of black women, but the actor has come out and said that he was taken out of context based on some of the excerpts that are being put out.

I'm not going to offer an opnion on this one because I would rather people listen to the interview themselves and take from it what they like.


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  1. He makes some valid points. Had a really good argument talking about the equal time onscreen for the women but who really is the most popular. Who do most people gravitate to?

    I think in other countries the arts as a whole may be appreciated more but by no means is race relations better in Britain or any other country. It is true that the black in America experience is not the experience of blakcs in other countries.

    He was also right about how ratimgs prop up these stereotypes. Women that do not fit the stereotype also watch these shows. Talk and criticize all while watching. There is some pyschology to be studied there.

    I actually think that black women do like the "sista girl" edge. We may not like to see it ALL THE TIME. But to some it is actually refreshing to see it periodically. I think we take some comfort in it. It is familiar and reassures us that this woman is down. Imagine if Mrs. Obama neck-rolled somebody or if she had stepped to Jan Brewer for putting her finger in the President's face. There would have been much applause from the black community and black women specifically. We like the edge just not when it consumes the whole person.