Feb 13, 2012


 There's a new ad campaign that is causing quite a stir.  The ads are by an organization called Un-Fair which was started in Duluth, Mn. 

The intention of the campaign is to focus on racism and to get white people to see how they benefit from the notion of 'white privilege' just for being the color that they are.

Of course, there are a lot of people who are shocked and offended by the campaign, but the organizers said that their plan is to start a dialogue.

Of course the only people not familiar with the idea of white privilege would be white people.  The vast majority of people of color have a clear understanding of it.  Maybe this campaign will shock some into striking up a dialogue but honestly I don't see that being the case.  The American public hates anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and there is no subject more uncomfortable than race.

Besides, I would love to see a similiar campaign go up in black communities with sayings such as, "She's pretty to be a dark skinned girl' or 'black girls hair don't grow.'  You know all the things that deal with our immense safe hatred for ourselves.

Yes racism is an issue but in the black and other nonwhite communities, self hatred reigns supreme.  If you need evidence of this just look at the skin bleaching epidemic taking place in Jamaica.

Visit unfaircampaign.org to learn about the organization that's trying to start a dialogue about race in this country.

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