Feb 8, 2012

Dr. Cornel West sat down for a candid interview with Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine.

In the interview, West took on some of his toughest critics which happened to be Rev. Al Sharpton and former Princeton professor, Melissa Harris-Perry. Although he went after Sharpton, it was Harris-Perry who received the harshest jabs. West even went so far as to call her a liar.

Harris-Perry wrote a very scathing critique about West and Tavis Smiley for the Nation magazine. It was this critique along with some other things that she said that West felt were personal in nature. He said that her attacks were based on the fact that he voted against her when she was up for promotion from associate to full professor.

Click here to read the magazine. The interview with Dr. West is on page 14.


  1. My problem with Dr. West is his delivery. He demonizes and villifies people. He can offer a critique without tearing people down. He is certainly intelligent and eloquent enough to do so. So why is his rhetoric so inflammatory? He is starting to sound more and more like a bitter man. I actually agree with Al Sharpton. Dr. West went on the campaign trail for the President and the President did not promise him anything. But he had these expectations and is upset that the president isn't meeting them. Now he is on the prowl. I've never been a fan of his and I rarely just dislike anyone, but I am really not feeling him at all.

  2. How laughable that MSNBC has hired poverty pimp Al on nightly news with all the GIFTED young black journalists there are. Al has stated ( some objectivity huh) that he will NEVER speak a neg thing about the President. I'm crazy over the Professor/ his intellect and the fact that he's no weasel - doesn't kiss azz. I was APPALLED when I read that he'd done over 63 fund raisers (also Travis) for Pres. Obama and never (IMAGINE) even got a thank you - let alone an invite to the inauguration. Talk about using people and then kicking them to the curb. I was positive that he (if Obama was for real - he's not) would be chosen to head Dept of Education instead of a basketball (played in Australia) player.