Feb 28, 2012

If you do not understand white supremacy (racism)—what it is and how it works—everything else you know will only confuse you. ---Neely Fuller, Jr

I saw this post over at 'Clutch Magazine' and I knew I had to re-post it because it speaks to something I have been saying for years. I don't know whether or not it's the word 'minority' I despise or the connotation that goes along with it.

Via Clutch:

I always detested the word minority because of its not so hidden connotation of being minute, as in insignificant. The word is more often than not assigned to classify all individuals who are not of the Anglo persuasion. But is the term misleading? I think so.

Census data is collected every decade and people are urged to classify themselves under any number of arbitrary racial categories, but if we look more closely at the numbers, particularly of those who are of mixed heritage and Latino or Hispanic who come from an African background, the number of African descendant people in this country would be well above the 12.5% recorded in the latest 2010 census data. But what’s more, the terminology of being categorized as a minority is misleading on a global scale.

The truth is White/Anglo/European people make up less than 5% of the world’s population, making them the real ‘minorities’ on the planet. While there are nearly 1 billion people alone currently living in Africa, there are untold millions of Blacks living throughout the world and within the African Diaspora. Take Brazil for instance, which is the home to more Black people outside of the country of Nigeria. That means there are more Blacks living in this South American country than countries in Africa, thanks to the transatlantic slave trade. In fact Brazil is home to an estimated population of nearly 95 million Blacks and mixed race persons of African ancestry.

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