Feb 14, 2012

To say that Wendy Williams and Whitney Houston had a tumultous relationship would be putting it mildly. The two ladies have had some interesting clashes going back to Wendy's days in radio. But regardless of all that, you could tell Wendy was a fan.

Wendy gave a very emotionally charged commentary on Whitney's passing. She brought me to tears in her discussion of her connection to Whitney. The two had a lot of common from where they're from to their battle with substance abuse.

Whitney Houston really was everybody's 'homegirl in their head'. She was family and those tears Wendy is crying is how you cry over the loss of one of your family members.


  1. I didnt watch the last 2 min of this video. But I have a little problem with Wendy because she went in so hard on Whitney in that interview. It seemed all for ratings and had no heart of love showing at all. If you so related, why were you so hard in that public forum? And why did you talk about her so much that she was THAT upset at you? Because you had those kinds of harsh interviewing skills, and you displayed them.

    It seemed like you were trying to destroy Whitney with the surface of her issues. Throwing her issues in her face. It sounded like subtle mockery for radio listener's consumption. I think it propelled your career, and now you have a TV show.

    Now this video smacks of insincerity to me. She's acting. Her connection to Whitney is that "they both have parents, and both had addictions"??!! SERIOUSLY?!! C'mon daughter! I would respect and believe Wendy more if she'd say that she was projecting anger and frustration on Whitney for being addicted. That she was angry at herself and projected on to Whitney, dismissing how it would affect her emotionally. Say THAT Wendy!

    Wendy might be feeling guilty for going so damned hard on Whitney in that radio interview. For portraying herself as being so real, Wendy went fake on us right here. More mature women can see through this to the truth. Her young audience may not.

  2. Wendy Williams, I will never forget how you taunted Ms Whitney Houston (the Icon) in that cheap interview, the only reason I think, Whitney responded to your hating ass is because shes probably never been hurt like that, you were very evil then and probably even worse now, you had nothing in common with WH!. you were and probably still are the WHACK Krakhead!