Mar 19, 2012

Alexandra Pelosi returned to Bill Maher's HBO show to debut a new video in which she spoke with people on welfare, mostly African Americans, in New York. The video is much in the same text as the video she did on voters in Mississippi that caused a firestorm of controversy.

In watching the video of the welfare people I do find the fact that she talked to majority black people is troubling for the simple fact that the vast majority of people on welfare is not African Americans, but I still understand what they were trying to accomplish.

My uncle was instantly offended when he watched the video because he couldn't understand why she only talked to black men when he knows there are other people who go to the welfare office outside of black males. But for me what was also interesting is the reaction of some black people in private. A lot of them instantly agree with the doorman when they hear his response. It's one of those things that makes you go hmmm... I think just as much as some conservatives claim to hate welfare they'll be shocked to know that there is an enormous amount of black people that feel the same way but for different reasons.

Watching this video is very uncomfortable. For me, I definitely got the racist aspect but it was the lack of education and ignorance that I found to be most disturbing.

Mississippi Video


  1. I agree with your uncle. The truth, people will come away wih different take away from each video, and it may not be what Pelosi intented, had Pelosi gone to the Welfare Office in Mississippi and talk to all white people I would have considered the videos equal, but they are not.

    The people from Mississippi came off as flag waving, American loving citizens who were not sitting on their lazy butts waiting for a handout. They may have been poor and uneducated, but, they had principles. The New York Video only justified the mindset of the people in the Mississippi video, Gingrich "Food stamp President" and Santorum "We dont want to give blah folks our money." comments.

    Also, it is important to note that white people are not judged by the worst people in their race, however, black people are. A lot of people watching the New York video not only saw 3 or 4 ignonant,lazy, black men living off the hard earn money of hard working taxpayers, they saw it as an entire race of African America/black race. Its called racism and Pelosi video did not help.

  2. My whole problem with all of these videos and the discussions about welfare, in general, is this mistaken assumption by the middle class that the poor are draining our resources and thereby holding back the middle class. I think that the 1% have done an amazing job brainwashing the middle class into believing that poor people are the enemy when in fact they are not. We claim to a be a capitalist country but we do not live up to the ideal of capitalism... 60% of the businesses in this country, according to the SBA, are small businesses but they only represent 4% of the country's economy... 1% of the nation make over 750k a year and yet that 1% of the population controls 94% of the country's wealth...that means the other 99% are dividing a pie of 6%...and we think the poor are the there is plenty of money to go around ...the problem is that those that have the money also have the political/governmental power and they make the rules so that they can keep their wealth...At some point, the middle class has to stop wanting to fight the poor for the table scraps and instead force them to make room for us at the big table where they have 94% of the pie anyway... I had really hoped that the Occupy Wall Street movement would have educated the general public to the fact that while politicians are blaming the poor, most of our tax dollars and resources are really being allocated to the rich in the form of tax breaks and other incentives for large corporations...The people who have the money to pay the largest burden end up passing the bill on to the middle class..we work the hardest and pay for everyone else...and while I personally don't have a problem with helping the poor, I have a really problem paying more in taxes than Trump, Romney, Buffett etc