Mar 6, 2012

I'm being serious. I really need someone to explain to me why are people all of a sudden offended by something Rush Limbaugh has said. The man has made some of the most vile, racists comments and yet we never saw this type of backlash. So why now?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending what he said. His comments calling Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, a 'slut' and a 'prostitute' are absolutely reprehensible and deserves admonishment, but why now?

Limbaugh has been one of the biggest race arsonist out there, but yet I've never seen politicians on both sides calling for him to apologize. Where were all these people when those kids got into a fight on the bus and Limbaugh said that's what America would be like under Obama, "White kids get beat up with the black kids cheering"?

There wasn't a massive boycott of his advertisers then.

Or how about the time when he told a black female caller to his show to 'take the bone out her nose and call him back.' Nope. No boycott then either.

I'm just saying Limbaugh has given the public plenty of stuff to boycott him over, but yet this is the incident they chose to focus on. Why is that?

I have my thoughts, but I would love to hear yours.


  1. I was actually wondering the same thing. The only argument that seems to explain this that I halfway agree with is the idea of "bullying up" versus "bullying down." This isn't the first time he has ever "bullied down" on someone that wasn't a politician or notable figure. I don't listen to the man so the only time I hear excerpts of his outrageous statements is when he goes on these even more outrageous rants and the media goes crazy. I think it was his followup comments of telling the woman to record having sex and then post it on the internet.I guess in the eyes of some it was a new low.

    The man is crazy and perhaps this is the start of his demise. I sure hope so.

  2. I'm laughing at you right now because I know you the know the answer to this question... but I'll play along anyway... When he attacks us, he attacks 12% of the population...when he aims at poor Blacks, that number goes down... since we have become a ,"If it doesn't personally affect me, I am way to busy to be bothered with it," society, he knows that he can attack poor Blacks with impunity

    I'm guessing his Percocet connection was running late the day he got on the air to speak about Ms. Flute and he forgot that 49% of the population are women...and then he had the gall to go after an educated white woman...which only ensured that NOW was gonna get in that booty

    At first, I was feeling some kind of way that it's okay for him to attack us at will but the powers that be were not going to tolerate such attacks on a woman of the majority race... But then I remembered something my grandmother used to say, "Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is in my way and sometimes that enemy is my friend." If they get this racist bigot off the air then today we are friends...I'll sign the petition and help get rid of him... and save the question for why no one moved when we called for another day