Mar 23, 2012

Lord, Lord, Lord...I swear I can't make this stuff up.

I swear ever since we got a black president there has been an epidemic level of Racist Tourette Syndrome (RTS) going around. These people just can't help themselves. You never know when their racism is going to 'rear it's ugly head'. Now they can start blaming the mess on their RTS acting

A blogger in Charlotte for the John Locke Foundation, Tara Servatius, has resigned after she posted a very offensive and racist picture of President Obama dressed like a broke down male stripper with a box of KFC chicken between his legs.

Of course her excuse was that she never saw the picture as racist, she doesn't even think in those terms. She was just trying to depict Obama's southern political strategy as it relates to gay marriage and we all know that nothing depicts gay marriage more than a stripper with a bucket of KFC between his legs...SMH!

Servatius went on to tell the Charlotte Observer that she doesn't consider fried chicken a racial stereotype but rather a part of Southern cuisine. Girl stop. I guess your RTS was just flaring up.

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  1. I think a lot of white people have been pushed to the edge of sanity and are falling off one by one. I blame it on the relentless madness and race baiting done by the politicians. Remember when white folks danced in the streets when Pres Obama was elected? Now they've been race baited to the point of extreme traumatic madness. I dont know what to say other than satan is well pleased. Black people will be vindicated and will have justice anyway, but these white people who are doing this? I dont know, Sista, I just dont know.