Mar 27, 2012

This has to be my 'Question of the day'. Can someone please tell me where do the media manage to find these negroes that are always willing to excuse racism? Please I really need to know is there some sort of secret location or something where these people hide and only the media knows how to bring them out when a debate on racism is raging. I mean it never fails. There is always some 'Happy Negro' willing to to come out the woodworks and and promptly excuse racist behavior.

When a racist says he/she is not a racist because one of his/her best friends are black he/she is referring to someone like Joe Oliver.

I always wanted to be able to put a face to this one best friend that these people talk about and now I have a poster child in the form of Joe Oliver.

Joe Oliver is George Zimmerman's black spokesperson whose been all over the media trying to squash reports of Zimmerman being a racist. You know, because there is nothing that says your not a racist better than having a black spokesperson.

Joe Oliver is really taking his job serious too. He went on the MSNBC's Chris Matthews Show to dispute that 'coon' was actually a term of endearment and not a racial slur. Don't give me the side eye, I'm not making this stuff up.

Here's what he said:

That’s a term I listened to over and over on there and to me, it’s a matter of interpretation of whether he’s saying ‘coon’ or ‘goon.’ There are a lot of parts of this country where people proudly call themselves ‘coon asses,’ in Louisiana in particular. source

And there you have it folks, George Zimmerman couldn't possibly be a racist because people in Louisiana refer to themselves as 'coon asses'. Nevermind that 'coon asses' is considered a slur against White cajuns, but I digress. Joe Oliver has definitely earned his 'thirty pieces of silver'.


  1. He should leave the defense up to his attorney. I do not mind a person supporting a friend, even when the friend is wrong. To try to show the best side of the person and to show that the person is sick about what has happened. But he should leave the media blitz for those that can handle it because he ends up looking like an idiot. Everyone knows that it is a racial slur. Everyone knows that some degrading terms can be used as endearment (even though I think that is ridiculous) but they can be. But we also know about this thing called context. If you are upset about recent breakins allegedly by black males in your neighborhood, you are not saying anything endearing about them. The purpose of his 911 call was not to speak well about this suspicious person. 911 does not appreciate those type of calls.

    When he first started speaking out on his friend's behalf, he came across more level-headed but it seems like he is trying to fill in the gaps as he goes and he's not doing himself any favors.

  2. It's funny, because when I saw him on GMA; I was looking closely at him, trying to figure out if he was Black, since he has shaved all his hair off, and has fair skin; actually he could pass for other, and hell Zimmerman may not have known he was Black. LMAO.....

  3. george zimmerman's dad is paying this guy. He is not a good friend with george. He worked with george at some real estate company and stepped up to the plate to offer to get involved with this to get on tv. 20 yrs ago he joe oliver was a cnn reporter. joe oliver quit his job at the real estate company to go on tv to support his so-called friend. joe made contact with the zimmerman family and offered to help george Z. MSNBC has investigated joe oliver. he's a fraud and his involvement I believe will end up hurting george Z. thats why zimmerman's dad,& brother are now speaking because its looking bad for george.

  4. You like the rest of the Race Baiting Media just can't handle a Black Man not falling in line with his fellow Black Men. It is sick and pathetic the way you self-righteous racist attack African-Americans who don't kiss the ass of the WHITE MAN controlled Democratic Party. How dare these black men not play the victim, how dare these black men for not knowing their place and keeping their mouths shut instead of standing up to the racist who attack them and defending their friends regardless of race.

  5. I pose the same question: "Where DO they get these negroes?" I hope he's getting paid enough, cause right now, he is as hated as Zimmerman.