Mar 13, 2012

After all the bills on women’s health and contraception, Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner is now sponsoring a bill that would mandate men see a sex therapist before getting Viagra. The bill is Senate Bill 307.

Senate Bill 307 protects men by requiring the following prior to receiving a prescription to treatment for erectile dysfunction:

- a signed affadavit from at least one sex partner confirming the man has indeed experienced the symptoms of impotence in the past 90 days

- a psychological screening to ensure the condition is, in fact, medical in nature

- ongoing cardiac stress tests and outpatient counseling about potential side effects

- information from the prescribing physician about risks, complications as well as non-medical options including counseling and celibacy

- copy of medical rationale for treatment filed in patient’s medical record

Rep. Turner went on MSNBC to explain the rationale behind her bill.

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  1. This is not an issue to be taken up, where have all the adults gone,first the Men politicians want to take the Womens rights away to our bodies, then the Women politicians want to do the same to the men.
    Are you all crazy, leave our bodies alone, they belong to us, think about what you are all doing,would you like the Rights to your body taken away from you, or is it just the Citizens bodies rights taken away and you are all immune.

    Stop, this insane thinking, turn away from being Body Snatchers,Concentrate on Real Issues like, Fixing our Economy, Stop out Sourcing our jobs,and when we need to pay any of our Bills let it just be taken care of in the U.S. and not another COUNTRY, healthcare and so much more.
    Stop, catering to the illegals, they are Breaking the Law and being given more rights than Citizens, Even our own president turned his back on us, by not passing the Texas Bill where voters need to show ID. what is this showing the Citizens, that its ok to break the law...only if your are an illegal, bending over backwards for people who are illegaly here, is just Insane.

    1. First off, you are not the arbitrator of what is important.

      Secondly, so-called 'little things' like this have a very direct impact on us as a whole, even if they are not so obvious. The point of this bill was the point out the idiocy of trying to make difficult or deny women birth control, which is happening right now. Whereas men have ready and easy access to something like Viagra, which is being largely used as a recreational drug instead of it's intended purpose of treating erectile disfunction.

      How is pointing out the very clear and present inequties in health care in regards to reproduction, where women are often prevented or even denied access to contraceptives while men get things like viagra handed to them with no questions asked, NOT important? How is highlighting this crucial double standard in reproductive health not worthy of our attention?

  2. I think Re. Turner is absolutely right. How can we know that men have learned all the consequences and risks associated with taking Viagra, etc? It's very important they have medical clearance, including an internal prostate exam. If they don't like it, they don't have to look. I mean, a 4-hour erection seems like it could be rather harmful. And, on a moral issue, aren't they spilling a lot of extra seed using these ED meds? Perhaps life really begins at ejaculation? Besides, we PAY for all that sex those men have every time a Healthcare Plan covers Viagra. Where are the videos?