Mar 5, 2012

Here at The Savvy Sista I am all about being a proactive citizen as oppose to being a reactive one. I also like to celebrate people who are of the same mindset. Through the help of one of my most loyal readers, Anna Renee, my attention was brought to a such a person who deserves to be celebrated. The person I am talking about name is Faye Anderson.

Faye Anderson is the woman behind the Cost of Freedom Project, which is a citizen-led initiative that is developing location-based apps to provide voters with information on how to apply for a voter ID.

Listen, we are all very well aware of the extensive nature in which some politicians are going in order to suppress the votes of American citizens. Instead of sitting on the the sideline and complaining about what is going on, Faye and her partners decided to do something about it.

The Cost of Freedom Project is developing location-based apps that will cut through the confusion and provide voters with concise information on how to apply for a voter ID.

People may not have proper photo ID's but trust me when I say that damn near everyone has some sort of smartphone. So this app definitely makes sense.

Please check out Faye in the video below explaining why what she is doing is important and should matter to you. Then click on the below link to donate to the cause.

Click here to donate and support the Cost of Freedom Project (put your money where your mouth is).


  1. From one savvy sister to another, thank you! The civil rights generation fought, and some died, for the right to vote. It's now our responsibility to protect the right to vote and stop voter suppression. The struggle continues.

  2. After listening to one of your broadcasts i decided to step back, count my blessings and be thankful and praise God, because i realized how much i needed to get back in sync with God because your broadcast was so negative and depressing.