Mar 18, 2012

My heart truly goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin. What happened to this young man is truly a tragedy and another blood stain on the sword of 'Lady Justice'.

What Trayvon represents for me personally is my newphews DeMarcus, Raekwon, Reginal, Tyler, Kani, and Jaelyn. And when listening to the 911 calls the only thing I could think about was them.

I can't imagine if it was one of my babies that was yelling for help just before a damn vigilante, cop wannabe puts a bullet in their chest. Lord have mercy! Just the thought alone has me crying and mad as hell. The whole thing is just tragic on so many levels.

The death of Trayvon is a nightmare realized for every black parent of a male child. Black parents are always trying to teach their sons about how to conduct themselves when it comes to police officers and other people of authority so that when the time comes that they are confronted by one of these people (trust me the time will come) they don't look 'suspicious'. Sometimes their teachings are not enough because just the simple fact that their child is black is enough to garner them the look of suspicision, but never the less it's imperative that black parents keep trying.

This is the black boy's burden.

Black boys are just like any other child. They don't have the life experience to truly develop and harness a spirit of discernment when it comes to life's lessons, but yet they are expected to navigate life's treacherous waters as though they are veterans of the plight of Africans in America.

The simple fact of their births puts a target on their head. They are much more likely to be killed by someone that looks just like them then any other race in the country. They are the raw material which is needed to continue the process which is America's Prison Industrial Complex.

Black boys in this country carry a burden unlike anything we could imagine. For those of us who love them, the only thing we can try and do is shelter them from the reality of their burden until we have no choice but to tell them the truth. We realize we can't protect them the way we wish we could and nothing was more evident of that than what happened to Trayvon Martin. It just goes to show that a black boy can be killed and no one will be arrested.

They always say you are supposed to cry when a baby comes into the world and rejoice upon a person's death because they are going home to be with the Lord. I guess you should be distraught at the birth of a male black child because given what they are about to face in this world it's almost too much to bear.


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