Mar 30, 2012

Yeah, you read the title correctly. Allen West, who coincidentially is also a representative from the state in which Trayvon Martin was murdered, went on The Laura Ingraham Show and talked about how Rep. Bobby Rush represented a security threat when he wore a hoodie on the House floor.

Here's what he said:

WEST: They’re watching us real close now. … Right now, the security folks there on the House floor are laughing about it, but initially, they did not know who it was. And they were concerned that someone had just walked off the street, or you know, wondered off a tour group. But look, this is the type of immature gimmickry we see coming from the other side that you know, does not have any place, especially on the House floor and really in the United States.
h/t Think Progress

Bless his heart!

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  1. What's funny is he's so stupid he told the truth without even realizing it...... THEY'RE WATCHING US REAL CLOSE RIGHT NOW.... why is that Representative West??? because we have melanin???Why do we need to be watched real close right now???