Mar 7, 2012

Can you imagine Congress without Dennis Kucinich? Well, you are going to have to because the popular progressive congressman became a victim of redistricting when he loss his primary to opponent Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

Here's how the Huffington Post is reporting the story:

Kaptur and Kucinich were victims of a congressional redistricting process that combined their seats. Because of the population losses recorded by the 2010 U.S. Census, Ohio lost two congressional districts and the borders of the remaining districts were redrawn. The new map combines the districts of Kaptur, who represents what is currently the 9th district, and Kucinich, who represents the 10th.

According to the count on the official Ohio secretary of state website, Kaptur had won four out of the five counties in the district, although not all of the ballots had been counted.

"I thought it was ours to win," she said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but in her speech, she assured Kucinich's former constituents that she would "pay attention to them, too."

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