Mar 30, 2012

This racism stuff is so pathetic that it's actually become quite comical. Rick Santorum damned near beat off his tongue when he caught himself about to refer to the President of the United States as a 'Nigger'.

Santorum was speaking to voters in Wisconsin when he decided to get a little too comforted and reveal what he really thought of the President.

Here's what he said:

“We know the candidate Barack Obama what he was like, the anti-war government n…”

It's amazing how the subconscious will tell on you when you get in an environment where you're a little too comfortable.

Of course the Santorum people are denying that he was about to drop the N-bomb on the President.

Here's what a campaign spokesperson had to say about the incident:

“Oh, come on!” Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley told Raw Story when asked for comment. “Give me a break. That’s unbelievable. What does it say about those that are running with this story that that’s where their mind goes. You know, I’m not going to dignify that with [a response].”

“That is absolutely ridiculous.” source

Of course you are not going to dignify it with a response because we all know, in the words of Bill Maher, that the new racism is denying racism and saying that anyone who points out racism is in fact the racist.

Child please!


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