Apr 11, 2012

Update 1:

ABC News is reporting that Zimmerman is being held in the Orange County jail in Orlando and there is no bond.

Update 2:

MSNBC just showed video of George Zimmerman being moved to the Seminole County jail facility.

Angela Corey, the special prosecutor on the Trayvon Martin case, has announced that George Zimmerman has turned himself in and he will be charged with 2nd degree murder. Zimmerman is currently in custody in an undisclosed location.

As soon as one the announcement was made, one of my attorney friends called me to say that he was shocked that the state of Florida was going for 2nd degree. Based on the facts that he heard about the case he was sure the only thing the state would be able to get was manslaughter. So obviously there are some things that we, the public, definitely don't know about this case that would lead someone like Angela Corey to seek 2nd degree murder.

Side Note:

That Angela Corey sure knows how to handle a press conference. She wasn't taking no stuff from those reporters.

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