Apr 20, 2012

(Mediaite) -- On Friday, ABC’s Good Morning America offered an exclusive look at injuries allegedly sustained by George Zimmerman the night of his struggle with Florida teen Trayvon Martin — a struggle that ultimately ended in Martin’s death. Zimmerman, those close to him, and his legal team have maintained that the 17-year-old had knocked him to the ground and proceeded to bash the back of his head against pavement that February night in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood.

Previously released video of Zimmerman being escorted by the police for questioning had initially appeared not to show any injuries or blood on Zimmerman’s person. But, now, these newly-released images, taken shortly after Zimmerman shot Martin, show highly-visible streams of blood at the back of Zimmerman’s shaved scalp.

The person who took the photograph at the scene says a dazed Zimmerman asked him to call his wife and tell her he’d just shot someone. The photographer also claims to have seen gun powder on Martin’s hoodie, an indication that the shooting allegedly occurred at close range.

GMA brought on ABC analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams to discuss what these images might mean for Zimmerman’s case.

“There’s no way to be 100 percent certain of the photo,” said host Robin Roberts. “But ABC News did extensive vetting for the accuracy of the photo.”

“Yeah, before they’re even going to put it on the air, a lot of things done here,” Abrams explained. “They compared the background, for example, a number of pictures taken on the iPhone. The background does appear to be the scene. The fleece matches what he was wearing. The hair cut matches the hair of George Zimmerman. The photo has embedded data, showing that it was taken that day at a particular time. It was geo-tagged, etc. But look, in the end, it comes down to the reporting on it. And our reporters on the scene have been saying this has been a very reluctant person to come forward. This person did not want to give up this picture initially. They’ve been talking about how important it is to show this picture, etc. And that’s how it ultimately came out. We’ll have to see. Before something like this will be admitted in a courtroom, they would have to determine its reliability.”

Roberts noted that the case’s Special Prosecutor had indeed seen the photo.

“Even if George Zimmerman was injured in his fight,” said Abrams, “it doesn’t change the fact that the prosecutors clearly believe that Zimmerman was the aggressor. And if Zimmerman was the aggressor and they got into a fight, that doesn’t allow him to use deadly force. It simply — you can’t be losing a fight and then decide to use your gun to protect yourself.”

Roberts then wondered about the likelihood that Zimmerman would go free today.

“If this wasn’t this case, I would say 90 percent,” Abrams replied. “But because this is such a high-profile case and there’s so much riding on it, I would say only 60 percent chance that he’ll be released. Typically in a case like this, when you have someone that hasn’t demonstrated to be a flight risk, who has ties to the community the way that he does, and doesn’t seem to be a danger to the community moving forward, based on his past behavior since this happened, you’d think he’d be released. But in this case, not so sure.”


  1. In no, way, shape or form does the recently released picture of the accused's head injuries show any indisputable evidence that the accused’s head was repeatedly and violently ‘bashed against a concrete surface’ because if it had there would surely be very visible open gashes/wounds, not merely the rather slight trickling of blood shown.

    Any reasonably intelligent individual has to question the location of the ‘alleged’ wounds, as they are not located in places that would most likely sustain injury from having one’s head struck against a concrete surface while lying down on the ground with someone ‘allegedly’ hovering over i.e. the surfaces protruding most from the skull etc.

    Additionally, where are the medical records, as surely if one’s head had been bashed so brutally/repeatedly against concrete a possible concussion would be of great concern to medical professionals, and how is it that such extreme head trauma/wounds have failed to leave any semblance of external tissue damage/scars (as can be clearly seen via the accused recent court appearance)?

    Nothing about this ‘alleged’ photographic evidence appears to add up to the statements made by the accused.

  2. I have vowed to stop watching coverage of this case. It is making me angry in a way that I never expected and I fear I may become a person I don't want to be. I'm so bothered by the fact that our society seems to be willing to skew the law to achieve a desired result. The only purpose this picture serves is to once again blame the victim. First, it was Trayvon's fault that he was shot because he should have known not to wear a hoodie. Then it was Trayvon's fault because he should not have been disrespectful to George Zimmerman...and Now it is Trayvon's fault for not taking an a$$ whipping.
    They can spin this case 8 ways til Sunday and it won't make what George Zimmerman did right. You do not have a valid claim of self defense when you are the first aggressor. Now we're supposed to feel sorry for an ADULT who confronted a child after he was told to stop following him. You were told to stop. You didn't. You took it a step further and got OUT OF THE SAFETY OF YOUR VEHICLE so that you could tangle with a man that was walking... AND God forgive me and have mercy on my soul because a part of me truly hopes that Trayvon was kicking your a$$ before you put your gun to his chest and killed him for no good reason. I know it is not the Christian thing to think but so help me, I really hope he got in some great punches. You don't get to pick a fight, realize that the person you picked on is badder than you and then shoot the person talking about I did it in self defense.
    I am truly and thoroughly disgusted. And then the lame apology really sent me into a tizzy. You have had weeks to apologize to these people and instead you chose to allow your friends and family to drag his name through the mud. You want absolution? Start with the truth... Start with acceptance and acknowledgment of the fact THAT YOU CAUSED HIS DEATH. STOP WHINING about losing the fight and explain to us why you thought you were ROBOCOP in the first place. Make me understand why you ever got out of your truck instead of letting the police do their job. Tell me who died and made you God so that you alone get to decide who belongs where.
    You don't want forgiveness. You want the power to be able to do what you want to do when you want to.. and because some people feel that little Black boys are expendable, they are going to ignore the law to allow you to do it. I'm done

  3. I agree with LovelyLocks 1,000%

  4. Well put lovelylocks!

  5. Although it has speculated that it may convert into a serious brain injury, it has not looked at a more likely explanation for the suicide.