Apr 20, 2012

When I say I love me some Luther Vandross...trust me...I love me some Luther Vandross.

Whenever I have a hard day at work and just need to relax, I can just go home, kick off my shoes, and turn my Luther Vandross Playlist on. He relaxes me every time.

I was fortunate to see Luther Vandross in concert at the Essence Music festival one year. He was the only reason I wanted to go to the concert. Sure there were other wonderful acts that were hitting the stage before him such as Gerald Levert (Love him), Alicia Keys, and India Irie, but I was going for only one reason and that reason was Luther.

India performed her songs and of course I sang along. She was great and I can't take nothing from the sista.

Then came Mr. Levert himself. Gerald came out and tore the place down rolling on the floor and picking women up. The man knew how to give a show. Luther, he said was the reason why he did so much on stage. He explained how Luther was going to come up to the microphone and just hit one note and we would all go crazy but yet he had to roll on the floor and sweat to death to get the same reaction from us...LOL!!! He was definitely telling the turth.

Shortly after Gerald Levert had gotten us ready then Alicia Keys hit the stage. I'll admit that I'm not the ultimate Alicia Keys fan especially during that time. She had only come out with her one album and so she had to perform songs that a lot of people didn't know and believe me they were not feeling. Someone must have told girlfriend she could do her entire set because she was on longer than any of us was hoping for. People were pissed and they began to show their frustration through waves of boos. I felt embarrassed for her. I didn't think girlfriend deserved to be booed, but I understood why people were booing. She was what was standing between us and the main attraction and besides the clock was already past midnight so we knew it was a possibility that Luther won't be able to do all his songs.

That was the part that pissed me off.

Alicia quickly exited the stage and I quickly slid to the edge of my seat because I knew what was about to happen.

Luther had a mic stand, three background singers, and a band. There were no pyrotechnics or anything to distract from hi voice. Because that voice of his was the show. He didn't have to do anything extraordinary to get our attention. He had it the moment he walked up to the mic and hit that first note.

He could sense our frustration with the fact he may not be able to do his whole set, but he quickly reassured us that he would perform all his songs. Trust me, that made me feel so much better because I had already felt myself about to spout out some of the Wish Creed, "I WISH he wouldn't sang my song...there is going to be hell up in here."

I didn't think it was possible for an artist to sound better in person than they did on an album, but he was one of the people who actually did. I can honestly say I cried through his entire set, and honestly I can't even tell you why I was crying. I just was.

I love Luther that much.

So, Happy Birthday Mr. Vandross!!! Lord knows I miss you!

Here's just a few of my favorite Luther Vandross songs:

There's Nothing Better Than Love

I'd Rather

If Only for One Night

Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me

Tell me some of your favorite Luther songs.
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