Apr 15, 2012

I must say that no one is more tired than me when it comes to this faux controversy surrounding the remarks made by democratic strategist Hilary Rosen. So imagine my delight when I was watching 'Up with Chris Hayes' and he opened up a segment speaking on the issue in which my brain had already been saturated with enough.

He started the segment by showing a clip of Willard Romney giving a speech in January where he was talking about welfare. During his speech, Romney inferred that parents that stay at home don't know the "dignity of work." Now, Romney wasn't talking about all stay at home parents, because that would mean he was talking about his wife, but rather he was talking about the poor parents staying at home with their children.

Now this presented a different dynamic to the conversation that hadn't been prodded and thoroughly examined by the mainstream media. So interesting did I find this segment, I actually sat through all it. Nothing against Chris, but I normally don't watch his show.

Watch the clip below and tell me what you think.

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1 comment:

  1. His show is an after thought for me because first thing in the morning, I just go on autopilot but from the few segments that I have seen, he seems to be on point with a number of subjects. I am glad that he pointed this out. It truly is a double standard. There is just this assumption that mothers on welfare are lazy and are clueless about the world of work. That is very insulting. I think everyone knew the point that HIllary Rosen was trying to make, but because of a poor choice of words, everyone pounces.