Apr 25, 2012

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — New details have surfaced regarding what was going on at the house where Ken Konias was arrested.

The tip that led to the arrest of Konias Monday night came from a man Pittsburgh police describe as a pimp representing a prostitute. That man told police that the prostitute, who is also his girlfriend, was in the Pompano Beach, Fla., home with Konias two hours after the call came directly to Pittsburgh police homicide.

Konias had been smoking crack cocaine in the house for several hours with the prostitute. Sources tell KDKA-TV’s Marty Griffin, between the drugs and alcohol, Konias told the prostitute about a murder – an armored car robbery – he pulled in Pittsburgh.

Sources say the prostitute called her boyfriend, who then did a Google search on Konias, found the number for Pittsburgh police homicide and called.

Sources close to the investigation say Konias befriended the prostitute, that he felt remorseful for the robbery and shooting in Pittsburgh and that he confided in the prostitute, telling her about the crime.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars from the armored truck are still missing, but Konias reportedly did not live a lavish lifestyle after the alleged robbery. Sources say he reportedly used money on drugs and alcohol.

Konias was reportedly robbed by several prostitutes and people that said they could get him out of the country.

That was at 9 p.m. Monday. By midnight Konias was under arrest.


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