Apr 4, 2012

So the biggest controversy on the internet as of late is the Mary J. Blige/Burger King ad. People can't seem to stop talking about this ad in which Mary is crooning about BK's new chicken wrap.

I watched it and honestly I didn't see anything wrong with it besides the fact that it was corny as hell, definitely not worthy of someone like MJB, and it sampled my favorite track, 'Don't Mind', off her latest album.

Obviously, these sentiments placed me in the minority because there are a lot of people who have a problem with the commercial and what they deem as racially offensive.

There have been articles popping up all over the place about the ad. A writer over at Madame Noire called it Buffoonish and a writer at Clutch went so far as to write an open letter to Mary to express their disappointed.

So the Question of the Day is: How do you feel about the Mary J. Blige/Burger King ad? Is it much ado about nothing? Or are people justified in being angry and offended because there is such a disparity when it comes to the depiction of black people in the media?

Click here to watch the commercial.


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