Apr 22, 2012

Atlanta -- The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has voted to oust its latest president.

The official announcement came just after 4 p.m. that Isaac Farris, jr., nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr., the organization's first president, was voted out as the president of the organization.

Board Chair, Dr. Bernard LaFayette, had a news conference at about 4 p.m., but didn't give clears answers as to why Farris was ousted.

"Well, he has very much other responsibilities, that kind of thing," LaFayette said.

Farris took over the embattled civil rights organization after the sudden death of SCLC president Rev. Howard Creecy, and a bitter leadership struggle that threatened to split the SCLC apart.

"You know, we have suffered in terms of our leadership.  We have had one crisis after another and that we are still facing a crisis, but we are ready for the challenges that we have to have," LaFayette said.

LaFayette said the board wanted Farris out as president, but did not want to cut all ties with him. They did praise the job that he has done. LaFayette said Farris still could come back in a different capacity.

Rev. C.T. Vivian, vice president of the SCLC, will take over as interim president, but will not be the full time president.

"We are ready to move. We have been planning. We have been working on it, contacting people and furthermore. We are looking for a new president," Vivian said.

Bernard said they have already begun that search , trying to infuse some younger blood into the organization and already have a short list of candidates.


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