May 24, 2012

Wendy Williams swimsuit says Black women jealous of her body
 Seriously, I try to avoid anything having to do with Wendy Williams.  My grandmother always said that if you cannot find anything nice to say to or about someone then just avoid talking to them altogether. So I try my best to avoid her and her show.

Honestly, I was ticked after she made the comment that Viola Davis should not have worn her natural hair to the Oscar's because natural hair is not "formal" but I let it go because I really chalked it up to her ignorance.  Now comes the latest where in an interview with XO Jane magazine Wendy Williams stated that Black women are jealous of her plastic surgery enhanced body.

I wanted to ignore this one too because personally, I think the fact that the idea that anyone could be jealous of the body she bought is so stupid that it is actually funny.  Darling, you're not that special, they'll perform plastic surgery on anyone who pays for it. So why would anyone be jealous when they could just go to the doctor and buy it?

The problem, for me at least, is the fact that Wendy Williams is given a national platform to spew this ignorance and once again the media gets to take a stab at Black women.  Now Wendy Williams always swears that when she says these asinine things she is not trying to be hurtful, she's just being honest.

Me post workout
 So in that same spirit of honesty, Wendy, I am normally annoyed when my colleagues want me to suddenly be the spokesperson for all Black women everywhere, but today I will make an exception and hereby appoint myself as the voice of Black women everywhere. WE ARE NOT JEALOUS OF YOUR BODY.  Never have been and never will be.  You paid for it.  If we wanted it, we'd buy it.  Black women, according to economic studies, have the highest disposable income of any minority group so unlike your implication in the article, we have the money for plastic surgery if we want it.  It's just that most of us don't want a torpedo strapped to our back.

It never ceases to amaze me how anytime Black women have a differing opinion about anything, we are immediately labeled as "jealous".  You clearly didn't like yourself and so you went out and bought what you feel is the right body.  So you were unhappy with yourself but we're the ones that are jealous?  You don't like your hair and so you admittedly hide behind wigs but Viola Davis felt hers was so fabulous she rocked it to the red carpet where she was celebrated for it and you had to make disparaging comments.  So really Wendy, who's jealous?? I think your insecurities are showing.

The other thing that really bothers me is the unhealthy message you are sending to Black women and adolescent girls.  Shouldn't the message be exercise, eat right, and live a healthy life as opposed to buy it, nip it and tuck it?

I'm so mad about this because I know some little girl somewhere read that stupid article and now thinks she needs to buy breasts or get liposuction or have a nose job. So I am going to do something I thought I would never do, post a picture of my body online.  So I have posted a picture of the purchased body she thinks we should be jealous of and one of mine, all natural.  Now I am no supermodel but I am secure with who I am and have accepted that this is the body I was given by God and all I can do is maintain it and keep it healthy.
For all the teenage girls who read this site.  Be the best you that you can be.  Exercise and eat healthy so that you can feel good about yourself and live a long healthy life.  Every woman is designed differently and you don't need to buy breasts to feel good about yourself.  You are more than just your cup size. 

SMH @ you Wendy


  1. I too am disappointed at Wendy for saying something so ignorant. I really wish she would take time to think about what comes out of her mouth.

  2. Her comments wre just silly. I dont pay attention to her. The few times I have seen her I have wondered who does her hair and who dresses her because she does not have a flattering look. That is my opinion of course.

    A larger poiont I want to make is why do people want haters and people to be jealous of them? It is like people welcome it. It is nothing to brag about. Sure haters exist but glosting about it is a sign of immaturity and even more insecurity. I made this observation of our society particularly with women a long time ago. It is a sad commentary.

  3. Does Botox cause some form of brain disease? Or is her frickin' weave on too tight?