May 22, 2012

After botching his role as campaign surrogate for the Obama campaign, Mayor Cory Booker stopped at 'The Rachel Maddow Show' for his first interview since his 'Meet the Press' debacle.

Booker wanted to remain silent on the issue, but eventually it must have gotten too hot in the kitchen because he felt the need to speak out.

He used the interview to lash out at the Republicans for using his words against Obama. He was very upset at the fact that the Romney campaign used his words to raise money.

He took the time to re-emphasize his support for the President and his re-election. He also admitted to his mistake of conflating the use of Rev. Jeremiah Wright to attack President Obama versus the Obama campaign going after Mitt Romney on his stint at Bain Capital.

The criticism of the popular mayor from the left still remains. ThinkProgress has done some investigating into the campaign finance records of the mayor and have discovered that he received over half a million dollars from the financial industry and this also includes Bain Capital. Many are saying that Booker was thinking more of his own self interests whether than that of the President and that is the reason why he went off message.

At the end of the day, Cory Booker is still my favorite mayor. I think what he did on Sunday definitely hurt the President, but fortunately it was very early in the campaign season.

Booker has definitely learned a lesson from this. I think the next, if there is a next time, he is given an opportunity to work as a surrogate for the Obama Campaign he will stay on message because unlike Jazz, improvisation is not welcome in politics.



  1. As an independent voter, I am irritated by our political discourse. From a strategic standpoint, I understand the importance of surrogates staying on message. Yet I think that a person should be able to voice his opinion and his statements be analyzed in context. I watched MTP on Sunday and did not walk away thinking what he said was oh so against the President's message because I evaluate based on context and that is too much to ask from our media. I'm glad that the Mayor spoke out as forcibly as he did last night. I'm also glad that despite a massive headache I was able to watch his interview live and not have to rely on the pundits analysis. Because sure enough, of all the talk I heard thus far this morning, no one is addressing what he said last night. I'm hoping that the President does not cut ties with Mayor Booker because of this incident. From his remarks, it does not seem like the President is too ticked off. His campaign team, on the other hand are not too happy. Quite frankly I think the President's response turned out to be a better argument to proceed with. Mayor Booker is committed to the President's reelection and from his interview, it sounds like he will show his support graciously whether his role is highly visible or not.

  2. I cringed about the MTP interview because I knew what he meant to attack and I agree that we let the media and campaign managers sidetrack us with silly Jeremiah Wright...likewise, though I am not his biggest fan, I was ticked when the left went after George W's cocaine use 20 years before... so I get what he wanted to say, I'm just not sure why he used the Bain Capital ad ...and I don't think it would help the President for his team to begin attacking Mayor Booker.... I remember 12 or 14 years ago when he Cory Booker was on the Newark City Council and there was a murder in his district every day so he moved to the heart of the crime area and lived out of a trailer for months so that he could actually see what was happening and how to deal with the problems... I knew then he was different enough...