May 31, 2012

Let me reiterate that I've already forgiven Cory Booker for the comments he made on 'Meet the Press'. That whole issue is water under the bridge as far as I am concerned. Cory Booker is an excellent public servant and he'll make a great governor of New Jersey one day.

Now with that being said, I think the response Cory Booker should have made on MTP is the one similiar to what Deval Patrick gave on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe'. Here is how Mediaite is reporting the appearance:
Host Willie Geist had asked Patrick whether Romney’s past at Bain at all impacted “the way he governed or drew up policy.” 
“I think that the issue isn’t about Bain,” Patrick responded. “It’s about whether he’s accomplished, in either his public or private life, the kinds of things he says he wants to accomplish for the United States. And when it comes to growing jobs in the public sphere or fixing government, the record on that is not very strong. In fact, I would say that there is one profoundly important thing that Governor Romney did when he was governor of Massachusetts, and that’s to sign the health care reform bill.”  
Panelist Donny Deutsch followed up by asking whether Patrick thought that focusing on Bain is actually not the best strategy for Democrats at this point.  
Here’s his response:  

Well, I think that the Bain strategy has been distorted in some of the public discussions. I think Bain is a perfectly fine company. They’ve got a role in the private economy and I’ve got a lot of friends there on both sides of the aisle. I don’t think Bain is the point. The point is, has he actually created jobs, as he says he has, in the private sector?
Now, I don't have any problem with anything he said.  Maybe I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't think the President's attacks on Romney's stint at Bain has anything to do with the company.  His attacks have to do with the fact that Romney is using his EXPERIENCE at Bain to justify why he would be better at running the country that Obama.

While Romney was at Bain he wasn't some job creating machine as he would have you believe and the President is well within his right to point that out.


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