May 30, 2012

So Happy Belated Memorial Day to each and every one of you.  Being that it was a holiday weekend, I decided not to post to the site.  To be honest with you, I really don’t plan on ever posting on the weekends again. It’ll have to be a major story to get me to working on the weekend.   I just need a break and the weekend seems to be the only time I can get one.  This new position is occupying all my time, but I’m slowly but surely beginning to achieve balance.
So this Memorial Day saw the return of VH1’s hit show, “Single Ladies”.  The show is marking its return after a cast shakeup that saw Stacey Dash out and Denise Vasi in. 
I decided to watch the season premiere with absolutely no expectations.  The entire first season wiped away any possibility of hope that I may have had for the show.  The acting is horrible, the storylines are ridiculous, and did I mention the acting is horrible.  My whole intention of watching the show was to show support for a television show that was created and executive produced by a sista by the name of Stacy Littlejohn.
Call me a masochist, but I tortured myself for the greater good. I know that sounds ridiculous, but please follow me for a moment.
I figure that if a scripted show like ‘Single Ladies’ can prove to be successful then that leaves the door open for other scripted shows featuring black women to possibly get a chance.  I know my idea is a little farfetched and rather tortuous for me, but this is a war and if I have to get tortured by watching LisaRaye’s non-acting skills, then so be it.  War is not for the faint of heart (neither is watching LisaRaye trying to act…LOL!).
I’m just sick of the reality shows.  I want to see more scripted shows featuring women of color.  I know we can do much better than a show like ‘Single Ladies’ but right now that’s all we have.  BET has destroyed ‘The Game’ so that pretty much just leaves us with Tyler Perry on TBS.  I love Tyler Perry and respect his hustle, but I need more. 
Maybe I’m just being optimistic, but here’s to hoping ‘Single Ladies’ opens the door to more scripted shows prominently featuring women of color.

Did you watch the premiere of ‘Single Ladies’?  What did you think?


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