May 14, 2012

News is just hitting that the Board of Trustees for Florida A&M University has decided to continue the suspension of the ‘Marching 100’ into next academic school year.
The suspension comes as a result of the hazing death of drum major, Robert Champion, who died after sustaining injuries that were allegedly related to hazing.
As a proud alumnus of FAMU, I am definitely disappointed at the fact that the band is suspended, but I also understand that something drastic needed to be done in order to curve the culture of hazing that is taking place within the confines of the band.  Had Robert Champion been my child, I’m pretty sure I would share the sentiments of  his parents. 

A person died.  As much as I love the band, I have to acknowledge the fact that someone lost their life and the ives of other young men and women have been deeply impacted as well.
I will continue to pray for my institution as well as the family of Mr. Champion.  FAMU is a wonderful and top notched school.  You cut me and I bleed 'Orange and Green.'  We've survived controversy before and we shall survive this as well.  This too shall pass.

The University will be celebrating its 125th anniversary without the Marching 100 as its soundtrack. 


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