May 30, 2012

I absolutely do no watch Faux News. I have never made a secret of that on this site. As a matter of fact, rarely do I even try to cover the noise that is propogated at Faux News. The only time you'll see coverage of that channel on this site is when someone like Jon Stewart or Bill Maher is poking fun at it.

A 4 minute video that was produced by one of the shows on the channel serves as another reminder as to why I don't watch that channel. Had it not been for the fact that the video went viral, I would have never even known anything about it.

The people at Faux News has never made it a secret that they were against the President. The fact that FNC has to produce such a garbage video in order for people to feign shock and pretend that the channel has suddenly lost credibility as a news organization is even more shocking than the video. Are you seriously telling me that anyone in their right mind has ever looked at FNC as a reputable news organization? Seriously?

So slimey is the channel that when they got called out about the video, instead of apologizing and taking responsibility, they decided to throw some lowly associate producer under the bus.

Here's the statement they released:
Bill Shine, the executive vice president for programming at Fox News, issued a statement about the video on Wednesday afternoon.
"The package that aired on 'Fox & Friends' was created by an associate producer and was not authorized at the senior executive level of the network," Shine said. "This has been addressed with the show’s producers.”
Fox News later confirmed that the video had been removed from both its main website and the network's aggregation site,
How telling. The associate producer is made to fall on the sword.

One of the things wrong with this country is the 24 hour news cycle and Faux News is a prime example of that.

All the news that I need I get in 30 minutes on World News w/ Diane Sawyer. It's short and sweet and straight to the point. No unnecessary commentary. Just the freaking news.

If you wish to watch the attack ad for yourself, just check out the video below.

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