May 15, 2012

After announcing to his congregation that he would not be voting in the November election because of President Obama's support of Gay Marriage, Rev. Emmett Burns appears to have had a change of heart.  Burns spoke to about what changed his mind on continuing his support of the President as well as voting.

Here's what he said:

“I got a lot of calls from people who said that we should vote because voting rights were denied us for so long,” said Burns, a protégé of the late civil rights icon Medgar Evers.

“I was so disappointed in the president last week that perhaps I spoke more than I really wanted to, but upon reflection, I analyzed my stance. I’m working diligently here in this state to get (an anti-same sex marriage referendum) on the November ballot and I’m confident we will win,” Burns said.

“I’m also confident with my scriptural position and what it says in the Bible. On the other hand, black folks should vote and I encourage them to vote.”

Burns said Monday that even if he had not initially suggested sitting out the November race, “I would not have voted for (presumptive Republican presidential nominee) Mitt Romney under any circumstances.”

He also said that he would continue to support Obama on other issues.
The issue of Gay Marriage is definitely a very polaring subject in the Black Community, but it should not be a reason why people shouldn't vote.  We are not a monolithic group driven by one monolithic issue.  This election is so much more than gay marriage.

I'm happy that Rev. Burns has seen the error of his ways in saying that we would not vote because of a singular issue.  This election is so much bigger than one issue and we have to take all of that into account.


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