May 24, 2012

If you were thinking about buying a birthday present for child and you didn't have a clue as to what to get then don't worry, the people at Really Big Coloring Books got you covered.  They've come out with a sequel to their 2010 Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids just in time for the election season.  Yes.  You heard me correctly.  There really was a previous Tea Party coloring book for kids.  You know because you can never be too young to be indoctrinated.

Entitled The Tea Party II: Why America Loves You! The Social-Activist Coloring Book For Kids, the 48-page coloring book costs $5.99.

You have to admire the Tea Party because they know how to get'em early instead of waiting until they are say 18 like some of these other organizations.
Here's how the creators describe the Tea Party:
The Genius of America is how The Tea Party truly reflects, represents and respects its homeland. The Tea Party is widely considered the “Real American Party.” Grassroots based and inclusive in its ideals, this diverse group of humanity, known as the “Tea Party”, is accepting of any individual. It is considered a post-racial organization, meaning: The Tea Party welcomes, embraces and represents all races of people. Red, Yellow, Black or White – The Tea Party does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, political party, opinion, credo or any other factor. Reflective of true American exceptional-ism, The Tea Party is the classical America and will keep America safe.

Here is a sample page from the coloring book:



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