May 11, 2012

I just need to get this off my chest...I'm absolutely in love with the show 'Scandal'.  I definitely think Shonda Rhimes has herself a winner with this one.

Just like I raved about 'Braxton Family Values', I now have to rave about 'Scandal'.

I know I can't be the only one having a difficult time finding something to watch on television.  So when I do find something special, I have to share it with you, My Readers.

It started a little slow for me in the beginning, but Lord knows when it picked up, it definitely picked up.

Kerry Washington is brilliant as Olivia Pope.  For those of us who've followed her career, we already knew what she brought to the table, but I'm sure it was quite surprising to those who was not as familiar with the actress.

Olivia is a multidimensional character.  This is something very rare for a black actress to play especially on broadcast television.  She is a wonderfully humanistic character that a girl like me can appreciate.

But I shouldn't be surprise given the way Miranda Bailey's character has been written on 'Grey's Anatomy'.  Shonda Rhimes just know how to craft a story and give her characters dimensions that viewers can appreciate.

Even the story of Olivia being involved with the married President doesn't drive me nuts anymore.  After last night's episode, I now have a better understanding of how that union came about.  It actually felt organic and not forced the way it felt in the beginning for me.  And don't even get me started on that love scene.  Now, honey, that's the way you write a love scene.

So you can imagine how hurt I was when I started to hear rumblings that it might not return for a second season.  I'm just hoping this doesn't happen because I definitely need more of this show in my life. 

I'm already hard press to find anything watch.  With the crazy ass reality shows further ruining the images of black women, a show like this is a great escape.

Let's just hope the executives at ABC understand that.


  1. I like the show. I haven't watched the latest episode yet. But I make it a point to catch up on every episode. The plots are very good. Sometimes I wonder about the strength of the actors. They just seem too young for their characters. I do not like the romantic involvement with the President. I think there is enough drama to carry the show without it. I'd rather her love interest be someone she can actually have. I think it cheapens her character. Guess I'll get over it though.

    I haven't heard of it being cancelled. That would be a shame.

  2. Johanna---I thought the same thing, but after last night's episode it doesn't annoy me as much.

    Check out the episode and let me know what you think.

  3. Ok it was another great episode that gave th background story. But I would still rather this not be the story. One reason is unrequited love is just sad. It is not exactly unrequited, but they arent free to love one another. The other reason is it makes me question the longevity of the show. What happens once they are exposed or if somehow the get together? that usually signals the end of a series. Also if they carry this secret the whole series I imagine it will get old. But they very well could surprise me. Thus far, they have managed to throw me for loop because things are definitely not what they seem.

  4. Last nights episode was the best, but I thought the love scene was pornographic for television (not cable). And yes, it was picked up for a 2nd season (google). YAY!!!