May 1, 2012

The disturbing 911 call placed by the sister of Jennifer Hudson moments after finding her mother’s body was released to the news media due to a request from the Associated Press.

I honestly wasn't going to place this on my site because I'm not one of those people who like to share stuff like this.  But once I listened to the audio and heard how the 911 operator was such a jackass, I knew I had to release it.  This is just ridiculous how they were talking to her.  Maybe I'm all in my feelings right now, but Oh Hell No!

My heart truly breaks for Julia and I cannot imagine walking into the home of my mother and finding her on the floor bleeding from her head only to then to call 911 and they act like complete jackasses with no compassion.

If this audio reveals nothing more than the fact that the 911 operators need a little more training.  Then I'll be satisfied.


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