May 29, 2012

One of the most thought provoking and intense pieces on the Prison Industrial Complex I've ever seen is an 8 part series that was recently put together by by The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.

The piece is a most read that delves into how Louisiana became the chief of all prison states within the United States.

Some of the most interesting facts from the series are as follows:

  • Louisiana is one of six states where all life sentences come without parole.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Louisiana’s prisoners are nonviolent offenders. The national average is less than half.
  • Louisiana is tougher than Texas (I know, right) when it comes to sentencing.
  • Nearly a third of Louisiana inmates test below a fifth grade level
  • Since 1977, Louisiana's prison population has increased sixfold
  • Rural parishes economies hinges on keeping their prisons fulled. (Who do you think are the people that is used to fill the prisons?)
Most of us should be outraged by this story, but of course we are not because we feel as though it doesn't have a direct affect on us so why should we care.  But you should care.  Those who overwhelmingly affected by the Prison Industrial Complex are African Americans, Hispanics, and poor Whites.

Click here to read the entire story.


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