May 1, 2012

Kobe Bryant and Lebron James

Forbe magazine recently released it's list of 'America's Most Influential Athletes' and there was a glaring omission that most people instantly picked up on: no black athletes made the list. 

Now how is it even remotely possible that there would be no black athletes on a list about most influential? 

Listen, I am a serious sports fan.  I can quote stats on obscure athletes with the best of them so I'll never use myself as a gauge, but even my six year old nephew can tell me who Lebron James is and what team he plays for.  My five year old niece has a clear idea as to who Blake Griffin is.  So how is it possible that neither one of these people made the list.

You mean to tell me that a Nascar racer is more influential than NBA stars that are marketing machines?  Are you serious right now?

Peyton Manning, who didn't take one snap this past season, made the list, but Kobe Bryant didn't.  Kobe is the face of the NBA which is arguably the second most popular sport in the country, but yet he didn't make the list.  Do you seriously want me to believe that Jeremy Lin is more 'influential' than Kobe Bryant? GTFOOHWTBS

What am I missing?

Forbes explain how they came up with the list.  The magazine used Nielsen and a California-based market research firm called E-Poll to survey a group of 1,100 adults.  The adults were surveyed on about a dozen well known athletes to measure their likeability and whether or not they (the respondents) considered them influential.

Now considering that a Nascar driver finished as the most influential, it would lead one to conclude that the demographics of the people surveyed was not very representative of America as a whole.


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