May 1, 2012

Now this is a pick I can definitely get behind.  Audra McDonald is a phenomenal actress and I definitely think is a more believable choice then say Halle Berry.  Just my opinion.  I'm just saying...

(Detroit News) -- Aretha Franklin has found an actress she thinks should portray her in a biopic of her life she hopes to launch soon, and this time it's a Broadway star and classically trained singer: Audra McDonald . McDonald is currently playing Bess in a revival of"Porgy and Bess" on Broadway. While in New York last month to celebrate her 70th birthday, Franklin caught a performance of the musical that produced such enduring numbers as "Summertime." Last year, Franklin proposed actress Halle Berry as her first choice. When Berry protested that she couldn't sing, Franklin responded that it wasn't necessary; but the bloom was off the rose. McDonald has won four Tonys and two Emmys, and is a veteran of the ABC show "Private Practice" as well as Broadway musicals "Ragtime," "Carousel" and "Master Class." The Queen of Soul hasn't talked to the actress about the role, but is concentrating on negotiations to get her filmed biography off the ground.


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