May 18, 2012

Three photographs of George Zimmerman, the man on trial for the death of Trayvon Martin, was released.  The pictures were taken after Zimmerman killed Martin in what he claimed to be self defense.

There does appear to be injuries on Zimmerman, but not to the extent in which his family described on their various television rounds. 

Zimmerman has a scrap across his nose as well as some cuts on the back of his head, but for someone who allegededly had his head beaten into the ground the pictures don't appear to substantiate that claim.

Tell me what you think.


  1. Until there is evidence that Trayvon somehow confronted him, i am convinced that all of these injuries are a result of Trayvon defending himself. Zimmerman thought he was big and bad enough to take on Trayvon and got is butt beat.

    That is the one critcal point that they are not talking about. So until they show evidence of Trayvon being the aggressor, all of these photos are meaningless.

  2. Zackly Johanna!! What people seem to forget is that this grown man jumped out of his SUV to confront this kid. And we have no idea if the gun was visible to Trayvon at the time. Zimmerman claims he thought Trayvon was up to no good but I can't imagine what must have been going through that kid's head as this man jumps out of his SUV screaming at him. I am sure he felt that George Zimmerman was up to no good and that he needed to defend himself. I am so tired of the justification that Trayvon hit him. Good for Trayvon. If you jump out of your car and accost someone while they are walking on the sidewalk minding their business, then I'm just not sure how you expect the person to react. And especially if you have a gun sticking out of your waist. Trayvon may have thought he was being robbed... but no matter how you slice it, if George Zimmerman had stopped following him like the 911 operator told him, we'd never know his name. People want the "right" to carry weapons and shoot other people then accept the responsibility that comes along with it.