May 31, 2012

There must be something really strange going on in the month of May.  First I sided with Pat Houston on something and now I'm siding with Team Take-That aka Diddy.

Justin earned that scholarship under his own merit.  I can see if it was something that his father influenced, in that case I would be pissed too, but that is not the case here.

Justin getting an athletic scholarship is not the same as Bush getting into Yale based off his family's name.  Justin actually earned that scholarship and thus deserves it.  He, just like any other child, should not be punished because of his/her parentage.

Here's a report on the entire controversy:

WESTWOOD (CBS) — Controversy was raised among the UCLA community Tuesday after a football scholarship was granted to the son of music mogul Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, who is reportedly worth half a billion dollars.

Justin Combs, a cornerback, has scored a free ride to UCLA on a football scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“I’m solidly committed to UCLA and excited to play for coach Mora,” Combs said.

But with the cost of tuition tripling at the coveted U.C. school over the past ten years, some students are asking whether the son of someone worth so much, who got a six-figure car for his sixteenth birthday, should get a $54,000 scholarship.

“UCLA’s athletic department needs to consider the fact that perhaps there is another athlete on the football team, who could perhaps really use this scholarship,” said UCLA student Neshemah Keetin.

Keetin has had to rely on loans and financial aid to put herself through the school. She said that she wonders whether the university should put strict standards in place for which families can get scholarships.

“Just being considerate that our economy, students are trying to get to college through athletics and academics as well,” Keetin said.

Combs graduated from a New York prep school with a 3.75 GPA. His quick moves caught recruiters eyes.
“He had the grades, he has obviously put in the effort, regardless of who his dad is. He could get in. He definitely earned it, so I’m looking forward to seeing him next year,” said student Ben Barokh.

UCLA declined an on-camera interview, but stressed their robust financial aid program, noting that UCLA enrolls more low-income grant recipients than the entire Ivy League combined. They went on to say that their 285 athletic scholarships are separate, like other Division 1 schools.

“Unlike need-based scholarships, athletic scholarships are awarded to students strictly on the basis of their athletic and academic ability, and not on a student’s financial need. Athletic scholarships, such as those awarded to football or basketball players, do not rely on state funds,” said UCLA spokesperson Ricardo Vazquez in a statement.

We reached out to Sean Comb’s publicist, but our request for comment was not returned.


  1. I have no clue what is going on with these people wanting this boy to give up his hard earned scholarship. I'm glad hasn't folded under pressure and given up his scholarship. People always talking about how spoiled celebrity kids are and how they live off their parents. Well, here's a celebrity kid who's not trying to live off his rich dad and they're getting upset. I'm going to need these haters to sit all the way down.

  2. The whole point of an athletic scholarship is so that the athletic department can in essence keep tabs on him. Athletes not on scholarship are not academically tracked the same way. Not that he couldnt play regardless of the scholarship, but awarding him the scholarship means they want him to play and play without the any other interference or distraction. He in essenc will be under a contract. He did earn it. Denzel Washington went through something similar. Only he said his son didnt need it and then the reps told him that his son earned it and that changed his whole perspective. Folks need mind their own business. other people's opinion on this is irrelevant.

  3. Would people feel that generous if Mitt Romney's kid got a free ride?

  4. Jaustin you deserve and earned that scholarship no matter who your father is. I am proud of you. Mrs.Ruby Flentall