May 4, 2012

Some of y'all may not like the advice that Steve Harvey is dishing out when it comes to relationships *cough* okay, okay...this includes me too, but obviously there is a very large sect that loves him because the brother is laughing all the way to the bank.

Jasmine Suntrell, a video blogger, decided to put a video together to explain to her mother why she in particular could not stand the comedian.  By putting together different clips of Harvey from different appearances on different shows, she was able to come up with a very interesting mash-up of inflammatory quotes from the comedian .

I'm not sure if her video is going to work on the masses in the black community because there are a lot of us that share these same views that Steve has especially when it comes to some of his most sexist and homophobic remarks.  This may also explain why his book is so popular.  He touches on some things that a large amount of us believe to be true.

 Now, I'm pretty sure some of you are saying that Jasmine needs to realize that Steve is just a comedian and the things that he's saying aren't that serious.  He's just trying to entertain, but the fact of the matter is that the people who are quoting his book are not playing.  They are very serious about the business of finding love and are willing to try whatever method that can lead them to this path.  So people should pay attention to the advice he's giving.

With the movie based on his popular book, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man, being one of the most successful RomCom's to come out this year, the skies is the limit for Mr. Harvey.  I'm sure we can expect a Broadway play or something else based on the book.  This critique by Ms. Suntrell is not going to do anything to hurt the brand of  Steve Harvey. 

It just begs for people to take a closer look at what is actually being said.

h/t Clutch

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  1. What I do not like is him being considered a relationship expert. I particularly do not like when people and in this case men can wise up after messing over numerous women. In general terms, I'm sure he has apologized for wrongdoing. But I think if he is now going to be advocating for women, there should be more of specific acknowledgement of how his past behavior has affected the women in his life.

    Having said that, I never thought his advice was groundbreaking and it surprises me that so many women think that it is. I think he is genuine but if any woman has had a conversation with her father, brother, male cousin, or a male friend she would have heard very similar advice. And maybe that is just it, the conversation offering the male perspective is not taking place with many women.

    Steve Harvey realized there was a market for this book and he capitalized on it and he maintains the comedic edge. Guess it makes the advice more palatable.

    I also saw the movie and thought it was pretty well done, funny and entertaining. It is a scripted movie and life is not a script so I take it as I have said before, entertainment not enlightenment. In the end, if more women have more respect for themselves and credit Steve Harvey, I can't be mad at that.