Jun 12, 2012

By simply telling the truth, a Massachusetts English teacher gave one of the most honest commencement speeches ever.

David McCullough Jr. was speaking to the 2012 graduating class of Wellesley High School, when he delivered these sobering words to the graduates, "None of you is special. You are not special. You are not exceptional."

It is the graduation speech I wish I would have recieved when I was graduating from high school.  Instead being fed a fantasy about the world, these students were given a truth about life through this speech.

Failure is not the end of the world, is what McCullough was trying to share through his speech.  It is the embracing of failure that truly makes one fearless. 

In talking with NBC Nightly News, McCullough defended his speech by saying,  "These kids were headed out the door, we were about to release them into the wild, and I wanted to give them something that they would bring with them and might prove helpful."

Here's McCullough defending his speech to NBC:


The Speech in its entirety:


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