Jun 19, 2012

(BlackAmericaWeb) --- Jane Carey, the attorney for Allison Mathis, the mother of Chris Bosh's 3-year-old daughter,Trinity, was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this morning discussing the current, complicated situation between Bosh and Mathis.

Reports this week surfaced that Mathis has been forced to apply for government assistance, recently lost her job, and is on the verge of foreclosing on her home. She currently receives approximately $2600 dollars per month for child support from Bosh. Although, Mathis contests this is not enough to take care of her daughter.

Mathis plans on contending the child support amount in court and will be represented by Jane Carey. Carey joined Jacque Reid for "Inside Her Story" detailing Mathis and Bosh's current situation.

However, the conversation quickly went awry,

Click here to hear Jane Carey versus J. Anthony Brown


  1. The lawyer is a scorned woman!! THey are both scorned women just pitful. Poor Trinity!!

  2. ^agreed.,.2600/month.?? Quit or did she lose her job??? Chic pleAse

  3. She can do wonders with that amount..Sit down and Be a lady... maximize that and let God do the growing..a Sin to be Greedy... Take ur eyes off the money...put you heart into raising a balanced child...Kingdom minded...Priase God!!!