Jun 18, 2012

This past weekend has definitely been one of those weekends.

From a distance, I had to try and console my best friend as he watched his mother take her last breath.  There is something about hearing a grown man cry, that rarely ever cries, that rips your heart out.  It left me on an emotional roller coaster that I still haven't been able to recover from.

So preoccupied was I with life, that I completely missed the fact that the lovely and talented author, Erica Kennedy, unexpectedly passed away. 

Erica a journalist and blogger who authored two novels, Bling and Feminista.

Her death sent shockwaves through the literary community after it was revealed on Twitter that her body was discovered in her Miami apartment on June 13.

There are no details surrounding her death, but one doesn't need details to know that this is a tragedy.  For a beautiful 42 year old woman to no longer be with us and share her radiant light is an epic loss.

Erica Kennedy will be missed, but in no way will she ever be forgotten.


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