Jun 26, 2012

I really hope people are as concerned about their own children as they seem to be concerned about the welfare of Will and Jada's kids.

Eleven year old Willow Smith created a internet firestorm when she tweeted an Instagram picture of herself with what appeared to be a tongue ring in her mouth.

Articles upon articles sprung up all over the place where people offered unsolicited advice as to how the Smiths were raising or in this case not raising their children.  Many pondered whether or not Will and Jada had given their children too much creative freedom and now this was the result of their lack of parenting.

Now nevermind none of these people live in the Smith household, but yet they think they have the authority to tell someone they don't even know how they should raise their kids.

So in order to calm down all the outrage over Tongue Ring-Gate, the mother of the other girl in the picture sent an email to Eurweb.com to explain what was going on.

Here is a snippet of what she wrote:

“Those are not actual piercings, they are magnets, I know this because the other female in the photo is my daughter.”
Willow Smith then went on to confirmed what the mother said by writing, "It's fake...Sorry" under the Instagram photo.

Phew...catastrophe averted!!!!  Now the world can keep spinning and people can go on about their business now that we know Will and Jada did not allow their 11 year old daughter to get a tongue ring.


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